About Me

Hi, y’all! Welcome to Love You More Too, a foodie+fitness+ travel lifestyle blog based in the heart of Dallas. 

I’m Jessica.  I was born and raised in Dallas, and other than the 100 degree summers, love living here.  

Currently, I live in Dallas on my own for the first time, after years of the ‘burb life in Plano. I have two furbabies, Chuck Taylor (beagle) and Lucy (Siberian husky), and we have all adjusted quite nicely to the Dallas lifestyle.

I am a Christ follower and thankful to receive His grace daily.  My job here on Earth is to love others, so I wanted to find a job where I could actively do that every day.  I am an elementary school counselor and I love encouraging children to inspire kindness.  This spilled over into my “outside” life when I fell in love with encouraging women to be active and feel more confident with who they are, inside and out.

Other things about me:  I love vacations and traveling, ice cream, champagne, working out, trying new restaurants, watching movies, journaling, organizing, running, cooking and chocolate.

The purpose of Love You More Too is to encourage others through food, fitness, organization, and everyday life; inspire a joy for traveling the world; work with wonderful brands that fit our lifestyle; and highlight the amazing things Dallas has to offer.

Why Love You More Too?

Ever had a relationship where you fight with the other person about who loves the other person more? In high school, my boyfriend would say “I love you more” (something his mom has always said to him and his siblings). One day, I responded with “I love you more too” (as in I love you more than anything, also) and it just stuck.  My hope is that not only can you love someone else more, but that you can start to love yourself a little more, too.


I am not a medical professional, certified trainer or diagnostician.  Please talk to your doctor before trying any of the workouts or activities listed on this page.  Thank you!


I have the opportunity to work with great brands and sponsorship.  There will be a disclosure statement at the beginning or end of any sponsored post.  Some of my links may also be monetized. This just means that if you purchase something using the link on my blog, I may receive a small commission, but it will not cost you any extra.