April Trader Joe’s Favorites

April 26, 2019

This year is flying by already. I apologize for not sharing these sooner, but I have had a lot of restaurants to share. Also, I didn’t share a post earlier this week, because I have had a lot going on and could only get one post in this week. In the past, I would freak out that I didn’t have 2 a week, but I have been much more gracious to myself and allow for breaks when I need it.

On to what you came here to read about, what I loved at Trader Joe’s this month. You’ll notice more vegetarian favorites, because I have embraced the veggie lifestyle and am now 80/20 vegetarian (more on this later).

Meatless Breakfast Patties

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and I love making a big one on Saturday mornings. However, since I have become primarily plant-based, I sometimes get a breakfast meat craving. Enter these Meatless Breakfast Patties. Wow. They taste just like the real thing. (I know people who eat plant based products always say that, but they really do).

Tofurky Italian Plant-Based Sausage

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This Tofurkey Plant-Based Original Sausage and mac and cheese have become one of my go-to lunches lately. I grill them up and portion it all out and it makes the best quick lunches.

Old Fashioned Potato Salad

Another side to go with my sausage is the Old Fashioned Potato Salad. Usually, I crave mustard potato salad and nothing else, but this one has stolen my heart. The first time I tried it, I ate half the container for breakfast. I am not kidding, it’s that good.

Raspberry Kringle

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First of all, I ate this entire thing by myself and I am not afraid to admit it. With the exception of a small sliver I shared with Adam, I took this thing down. If you aren’t familiar with the Kringle, it is a Danish pastry from the O&H Bakery in Wisconsin. Pop a slice of this thing in the microwave for 15 seconds or so, or the whole thing in the oven if you want to share. I like mine with a scoop of gelato or ice cream too.

Rose Water Facial Toner

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Since I am back in my workout groove, I have been sweating a ton. My face has been drying it, and I am sure the back and forth weather hasn’t helped either. I keep one of these Rose Water Facial Toner’s in my car and use it for instant hydration. It smells incredible too!

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