August Favorites

September 4, 2019

School is back in full swing and I am having my best year ever. I know we are only a few weeks in, but I am happier, healthier, and in a much better mental space than I have been the last few years. This year, my focus is how to amp up my program and make it engaging for all students. Here are some of my favorite things that made August so great.

Favorite hair stylist

Before + After hair makeover (photos taken within a couple of hours from each other)

I’ve lived in Dallas for a year and a half and just now found a hair stylist I love. It was important to me to find someone who I could trust, go back to for fringe trims, be conveniently located, and want to continue going back to see. Enter Elena Nelson. She is a dry cutting specialist and made me feel like a rockstar on my first day of school. Dry cutting is exactly what it sounds like and works great with my thick, layered hair. Her studio is on my way home from work and in one of my favorite shopping centers. Dallas friends, check her out, especially if you have never experienced a dry cut before.

Favorite quick getaway

I cannot rave about 4R Ranch and Vineyard enough. Not only is it less than a couple of hours from Dallas, but it’s gorgeous and the perfect overnight getaway. Read about my experience and plan your own.

Favorite service

Now that school is back up, my poor doggies have had to get used to my back to work schedule. Unfortunately some days are harder than others with the school day sandwiched between morning workouts and afternoon meetings. Elle McCall petsitting and dog-walking services just moved to Dallas and I could not be happier. I feel more relaxed at work knowing I have someone who cares about my dogs to help me during those long days. Lauren came over, let them out, sent me updates, cleaned their messes and sent me all of these adorable photos. Plus, I love the check in and out map so I know exactly when she came by.

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Favorite school counseling resource

Counselor Keri has been around for years, but I just now drank the Kool-Aid. This year, I have bought a lot of her resources from her website and Teachers Pay Teachers. My students are loving her lessons, and they are a great supplement to some of the fun things I have been doing.

Favorite taco spot

If authentic street tacos are your thing, Urban Taco is right down the street at Mockingbird Station. They have gourmet Mexican food at affordable prices. Their margaritas are (maybe) even better than the tacos.


  1. My exciting news from last month is now something I can share. I am getting another niece or nephew! My brother and his wife are expecting their second child.
  2. Lots of quality time with friends before and after school started back up.
  3. A great start the year! My Donor’s Choose project was funded in 36 hours! Now, I have calm lighting in my classroom.
  4. Another month with my sweet Chuck Taylor. I will probably be adding this to every month’s list since I am not guaranteed the next. He is doing great, all things considered.
  5. A relaxing weekend in Muenster, and a sweet boyfriend who takes care of my pups while I am gone.