August Trader Joe’s Favorites

August 16, 2019

Anyone else over this Texas heat? August’s are brutal, but thankful Trader Joe’s has things to get me through the heat and back to school lunches. Today, I am sharing my favorite non-alcoholic TJ’s beverage, breakfast goodie and three things that go perfectly together.

Blueberry lemonade sparkling water

One of the ways I cool off is with the blueberry lemonade sparkling water flavor. I saw this for the first time in my brother’s fridge when I was babysitting my niece. Now, I can’t get enough. Zeroes all the way down the nutrition facts, which means no sugars, sodium or calories.

Pancake bread

I love bread. I love pancakes. I love that they have combined for this creative masterpiece, pancake bread. It’s moist, has maple syrup, and topped with a crumbly cinnamon layer.

Focaccia bread with roasted tomato & parmesan

The running joke among my family and friends is that I will buy anything at the sample stand at Trader Joe’s. Typically, it’s all things I have had before, but never in the combination they give. Last week, they had this Focaccia bread with roasted tomato & parmesan paired with the next two items on my list. It was delicious. Of course, it’s the perfect side to every pasta dish too.

Marinara sauce

No lie, this is the best tasting marinara sauce I have bought from a store. I don’t know if it’s fresher because it’s perishable, but it’s incredible. From now on, this is the only marinara sauce I am buying. It’s the closest store-bought sauce I have found that tastes like fresh made, Italian marinara.

Organic sweet Italian chicken sausage

The organic sweet Italian chicken sausage goes wonderfully with the focaccia bread and marinara or sliced up in a pasta.

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