Brunch at Merchant House

July 17, 2019

Brunch is a big deal in Dallas. We have some of the best brunch spots in the US. I blog about brunch a lot, because I love it. Also, I like the idea of brunch because it usually involves a group of people getting together and enjoying one another. Last month, I met up with Dallas Blogger Brunch at Merchant House.

About Merchant House

Merchant House is the perfect place to go with a group for brunch. Their menu is divided up into two sections, selfish and selfless. The selfless items are meant to be shared, and the entire menu is a conversation piece. Whether you choose to go to with family or friends, the Merchant House’s goal is to celebrate conversation and togetherness.

What to drink

Are you even having brunch if you don’t have a Mimosa?

If a Bloody Mary is more your thing, order the Bloody Mary Flight. It comes with three very different flavored cocktails full of savory goodies.

What to eat

We ate our way through the selfless side of the menu and shared a variety of savory and sweet brunch treats.


We were obsessed with these Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup Dumplings. How can you not love this match made in Heaven?

Another great savory choice is the Crab Mac & Jack Fritter. Yes, it is as good as it looks and sounds.

My favorite savory item is the Chicken as the Waffle. I ate this whole thing by myself. Order it.

It’s kind of cheating including this on the savory list, because it’s cured and candied, but the Billionaire’s Bacon is incredible.


Don’t be ashamed if you order the French Toast Bites to share and decide to eat them all yourself. They are perfect!

The Miscut Donuts are warm and covered in powdered sugar. They are the perfect sweet treat for a shared brunch.

Don’t forget about dessert. Just because it’s brunch doesn’t mean you can’t make it multiple courses.

What kind of brunch goer are you? Savory or sweet? Leave me a comment below.