Bulla Gastrobar

January 9, 2019

Saturday, Adam and I were invited to check out Bulla Gastrobar at Legacy West in Plano. He has never had Spanish tapas before, and I had never been to Bulla, so it was a win win combination.

We met with Chef Alejandro who took us on a food adventure we both needed a nap to recover from. One of my favorite things to do at a tapas bar is to ask the server or chef to bring out their favorite items. They always choose foods I am not immediately drawn to, and I always leave extremely happy.

What to drink

I don’t know what it is lately, but I can’t get enough of Moscow mules. Maybe its the gingerbread cravings I have been having, and it’s full of ginger. If you are looking for a smooth Moscow mule, Bulla makes an excellent one.

My go to drink is a gin & tonic, so the Proper Gin & Tonic is a must.

If you like refreshing drinks, order the Lemongrass Collins. It’s made with Gin, elderflower liqeur, lemongrass syrup and cucumber.

What to eat

The best thing about tapas restaurants is getting to order and try a bunch of different items. I mentioned we asked the chef to take us on a culinary adventure, so he brought out a variety of some of his favorite or most popular things. Honestly, I haven’t had a more flavorful meal in my entire life.

The Patatas Bravas are coated in a spicy brava sauce that absolutely makes the dish.

We both loved the Albóndigas, or veal and pork meatballs.

One of my favorite things to order is the Ham Croquettes. Here, they are served with a fig jelly that balances out the ham really well.

I am not a big potato chip person, but if you cover them in truffle oil, potato foam, Serrano ham, and eggs, all of a sudden I am their biggest fan. The Huevos Bulla had me drooling. It’s a don’t miss for sure.

The Pintxos skewers come in both pork loin and chicken. Both topped with Greek yogurt and house made salsas.

If you like brisket, order the Montaditos. You won’t be sorry.

Lastly, always save room for dessert. The Churros Con Chocolate were the perfect way to cleanse the palate. They serve them with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche.

PIN for Later

What would you order? Leave me a comment below.

Thank you to Bulla Gastrobar for having us out.