Classroom Tour: School Counselor

August 14, 2019

Tomorrow officially starts my 7th year as a school counselor. Technically I have been back for a couple of weeks, but I don’t count starting until the first day of school with kids. This year, I am sharing my classroom to give you ideas, resources, and tips. I’ve linked everything and shared similar or the same Amazon items for you in the post.


Our theme this year is all about camping, so I decorated my door with photos of all of the places I have been camping. Every year, I make a character bulletin board that goes along with the theme, so this year I created a campfire one. I used this adorable free marshmallow font.

Outside of my door, I have a mailbox for letters as well as a locked bully box for students to fill out bully reports.

My students love my “Where is Ms. Bradshaw?” spinner and always ask to change it for me.

The bulletin board is for my weekly schedule, monthly newsletter, daily intention cards, and request to see the counselor QR form.

College corner & play area

I went to school at UNT and am trained in play therapy. Although I don’t have the time to do full play therapy sessions at school, I do use the toys frequently. However, I keep them covered with fabric to keep kids coming in for classroom lessons from getting distracted.

Over the last couple of years, I have been collecting college stickers and flags, and I continue to add them as I get them. Most of them are for colleges my students haven’t heard of, which fosters their curiosity about them.

Calm down corner

Every classroom needs a calm down corner. Students can sit on bean bags, breathe into pinwheels, hold a stuffed animal, and even spin a spinner to choose a calm down method. These cool down strategy posters from Counselor Keri are one of my favorite things I’ve added this year.

Whole group instruction area

During classroom lessons, my students usually sit at the tables or on the rug. My first year, I made topic dividers for my bookshelf and use them every year. Does anyone else get excited for new books? It’s one of my favorite things.

This year, I got a yoga spinner to use with whole group and small groups. I have a ton of games that I use for my small groups too.

Teacher area

One of my sweet parents made me this succulent pen set and I love it. This area is where I keep my stuff and my amazing desk calendar.

Supply area

I created labels for all of my supplies and hooked them on with binder rings. This helps keep my room organized, so students know exactly where to get and put back things. This year, I wrapped my ugly green countertops with this pretty marble contact paper. It really changed the look of this whole space. Instead of having stacks of paper on the counter, I bought this file folder organizer and file folders to keep grade level materials sorted and organized for classroom lessons.

CHAMPS/Mindful Moment

If your school is a PBIS school, you are probably familiar with the acronym CHAMPS. If not, it’s a great classroom management tool that my school has embraced this year. I found this chevron CHAMPS set that matched my room decor. Also, I cannot wait to teach students how to use the Mindful Moment board. All pieces are interactive and give students a minute to take a mental break.

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What’s your school’s theme this year? Leave me a comment below.

  • Pam Frantz August 14, 2019 at 10:07 am

    Love your room Jessica! So organized just like your home! Your students are lucky to have you!!🥰

  • Lauren August 14, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    I maintain a “Camp Calm” theme in my counselor classroom in PlanoISD.