December Trader Joe’s Favorites

December 7, 2018

Do you get the feeling that everyone is rushing around? I don’t know when December went from looking forward to Santa to stress-city, but people seem really overwhelmed. To be honest, I am the girl who bought all of my Christmas presents already and have them wrapped under the tree. However, I am running around like mad getting ready for all of my holiday dance parties and celebrations.

Beefless ground beef

Everytime I go in to Trader Joe’s, I try to find a vegan/vegetarian item I haven’t tried yet. I have no desire to switch to a fully vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, but I do see the benefit in replacing meals periodically. This beefless ground beef is a great starting point. It’s easy to make, has the same consistency as beef, and tastes great with taco seasoning. Fill up a bell pepper and viola!

Crispy vegetable pouches

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Here is another one of the samples I immediately bought, crispy vegetable pouches. This vegetarian option would make a great appetizer at your next holiday party. The pastry dough is filled with all kinds of vegetables and sauces.

Blue cheese mustard

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The older I get, the more I appreciate fancy mustards in my life. This blue cheese mustard is no exception. Although I typically don’t like blue cheese dressing, the subtle hint of blue cheese in this dijon type mustard is perfect. I have only tried them with the vegetable pockets, but I imagine it would be great with a soft pretzel or chicken tenders. Enjoy this seasonal delicacy before it’s off the shelves!

Riced cauliflower bowl

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Riced cauliflower is continuing to become more popular because it is so versatile. This riced cauliflower bowl has chunks of sweet potato, onions, tofu, and chickpeas. Then it is topped with several seasonings to make it a flavorful, texture-filled bowl that can be microwaved in minutes.

Dark chocolate covered peppermint jojo’s

Meet your newest addiction. You’re welcome. The girl at the counter warned me these were dangerous, and I didn’t believe her. Until I ate the last cookie before taking a photo. Now, I have to add a photo to this after it’s posted today. Basically, it’s a jojo cookie with peppermint cream filling, dipped in dark chocolate, and topped with crushed peppermint. They are perfect dipped in hot cocoa by the tree.

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What have you loved at Trader Joe’s this month? Leave me a comment below. 

  • Bri @ My Life As... December 7, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Blue Cheese Mustard sounds really good! I might have to pick some up this weekend! I need to make a trip there anyway!

    • Jessica December 8, 2018 at 8:51 pm

      It was great! I was really surprised.