February Favorites

March 13, 2019

You read that right. February. I am so far behind, but I don’t want to skip the opportunity to share my favorite things from February and my gratitude list. Despite the fact we are over a third of the way through March, here are some of the things I loved last month.

Favorite quick restaurant

I pass 75 and Walnut Hill every day on my way home from work. Nestled on the northwest corner is Modern Market, an old favorite from whenI lived in Plano. Lately, I have been visiting there a couple of times a month because I love the variety and delicious food made with whole ingredients.

My favorite thing on the menu is the BBQ chicken pizza, but I love the salads, bowls, and sandwiches too. Not to mention, house wine is only $3 a glass.

Favorite sweet gift

Even though I avoided sweets all February, I saved these babies. They were just as good a few weeks later. Since junior high, I have always loved Godiva chocolate and treated it like gold. The latest Valentine collection is no different.

Favorite food on the go

My new place is even closer to lower Greenville, which means it’s closer to Reful. Reful is a meal store where you can get healthy, pre-cooked packaged meals. This was perfect for lunches at work and dinners at home while I was in the process of moving. I didn’t have the tools or time to cook for myself, so I picked up a few meals to eat. Everything is gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Check them out today, first 5 meals for $25.

Favorite Dallas group

I have been a part of Dallas Fitness Ambassadors for many years, but this year is something very special. This year, we are hosting several huge events that you should be a part of, in addition to the many normal fitness events that we host every year. Next weekend, we are hosting a Wellness Weekend at the Hilton Anatole. You can get 20% off here with code AMBASSADOR.


  1. My niece turned one! Can you believe it? Time sure does fly. We celebrated her in style with a beautiful party.
  2. I cut out sweets and alcohol all month without cheating. Then, I decided to make the no alcohol thing something I do every even month.
  3. On February 27, several of my sweet friends came over and helped me load everything I own in a Uhaul and move it to my new neighborhood. There is no way I would have survived that day without them and I am so incredibly grateful.
  4. This sweet bulletin board at my school during counselor appreciation week.
  5. Finding a place to live that I love and is close to people and things I love. It was a journey getting here, but I trusted and I am so grateful for where I am.