February Favorites

March 6, 2020

January lasted forever, and February went by in a snap! Is anyone else out there a big fan of leap year? I have always been fascinated by the extra day in February. It’s kind of like a bonus day to knock out a big goal or accomplish something great. Here are some of the things I loved most about February.

Favorite weekend getaway

RB Golf Club & Resort is only an hour and half from Dallas and the perfect place to getaway for a night or weekend. They have delicious food, a beautiful course, and a lot to do whether you are an avid golfer or not. Check out more here.

Favorite running accessory

If you haven’t owned a pair of Adidas Ultraboost, the new 20s are the perfect starting point. They are the best fitting running shoes and have rubber soles that can up to 1,000 miles. These shoes look cute and are incredibly comfortable to run long and short distances.

Favorite new brunch spot

Edith’s French Bistro just opened their 3rd location at CityLine in Richardson. Do yourself a favor and go check out this beautiful restaurant. Their brunch menu has a ton of creative entrees that anyone in your party will enjoy.

Favorite margarita

Just because National Margarita Day is in February doesn’t mean you can’t have a margarita any other day of the year. RJ Mexican Cuisine has a beautiful selection of margaritas on their daily cocktail menu. The Coco Loco will immediately transport you to the beach. If you like herbal margaritas with a hint of sweetness, try the Blueberry & Basil.

Favorite “Dallas” thing

Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own city. Every now and then I get to check out a cool museum or “Dallas thing” that the tourists do. One of these must visit places is the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. It’s interactive, immersive, and teaches the history of the Holocaust and advancing human rights. Check it out during the Late Night series for free, or visit anytime during opening hours.

  • Monroe March 14, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Wow! nice day. I want to be there.