Dallas Life


June 18, 2019

If you are anything like me, you love the idea of gardening fresh herbs and vegetables. However, it stays just that, an idea. Enter Gardenuity, a garden delivery and subscription service that makes gardening easy. They are headquartered in Dallas, but deliver all over the United States.

About Gardenuity

Donna and Julie, Gardenuity’s co-founders, had an idea to bring gardening in to every home. They wanted to create a way to make it accessible for everyone. After planting the seed of their new idea, they met with a team of specialized experts. Their collaboration allowed their idea to grow.

Every Gardenuity kit delivered contains all the ingredients needed for a happy home, so the plant thrives. All you have to do is follow directions, and get a little dirty. Read more about the benefits of gardening and the ingredients in every Gardenuity kit here.


If you live in or around Dallas, or if you are planning on visiting Dallas, Gardenuity hosts a variety of public and private events each month. Last week, Adam and I got invited to attend the Pepper Party and had a blast. Most events cost $39, and include a garden kit, food, and drinks. This is a great deal!

Black Eyed Distilling partnered with Gardenuity and created a couple of delicious cocktails using their vodka made with black eyed peas. We learned about their vodka, and I won a ticket to visit their distillery. They made a pepper infused cocktail and a skinny vodka margarita for us to sip on during class. Hopefully, I can use my peppers to infuse my own vodka with.

After learning more about Gardenuity, they walked us step-by-step through the process of planting our own pepper garden. Everything was simple, so we knocked it out of the park.

These events are perfect! I loved learning about Gardenuity, and building my own pepper garden to take home and nurture. I cannot wait to watch these peppers sprout!

If you are interested in learning more about their events, check out their events page to stay informed of future events. Grab a ticket for the Summer Soiree this Thursday, or stop by the store during business hours to shop and learn more.

What kind of garden would you like to plant? Have you been to one of their events? Leave me a comment below.