How to Wash Your Hair Only Once a Week

July 31, 2019
How to Wash Your Hair Only Once a Week

I shared a teaser about today’s post in my newsletter, so if you guessed it had to do with my hair, you are correct. It’s the number one thing I am asked about. When I tell people I only wash it once a week, they either seem impressed or disgusted. Once, I had a stranger ask if she could smell my day 6 hair. True story. Regardless, every stylist I have talked to says it’s great for my hair and will keep it healthy.

Here are the things that I do to stretch out the time between washings, so I wash my hair only once a week.

Train it

If you ask someone how they go a long time between washes, they almost always say that they “train their hair.” What does that mean exactly? You train your hair by slowly adding a day in between washes until you make it to a week. This process can take weeks to months. Basically, if you usually wash your hair every other day, start washing it every two days. Once your oil is under control and you feel good about it, add another day. Continue until you find the number of days you are comfortable with.

Use the right products

It’s important that you find products that you love, but don’t overdo them. Ever since I heard about Kristin Ess products at Target from Lauren Conrad’s podcast, I have become obsessed. (Products linked, not sponsored, just love). Currently, I use the signature shampoo, moisture mask, leave-in conditioner, blow dry mist, and hair water.

Good products are important since you are only using them once a week. Give yourself time to find what works for you. Be sure to read the instructions, and use them as directed.

Rinse and repeat

That’s what your shampoo directions say, so do it. Wash your hair as you usually do in the shower, rinse it out, then repeat it all over again. This may seem silly, but it makes a world of difference.

Dry shampoo and hair water

Try to go as long as you can before using dry shampoo for the first time, so it won’t cause a major buildup throughout the week. I rarely use dry shampoo, but some weeks it is necessary. The purpose of dry shampoo is to soak up the oils. Hair water is one of Kristin Ess’ signature products. It refreshes, relaxes, and adds the signature scent to your hair. I use this on the last couple of days to get through the week and love it!

Clean your brush/combs

Oils build up on your brushes and combs, so it’s important to wash and clean them. Each week, clean all of the hair out of your brush and take it in the shower with you. Add a dab of shampoo and rinse with hot water.

Change your pillowcase

Something you may not think to change is your pillowcase. Each night you sleep, you add oils from your hair to your pillowcase. You don’t have to change your sheets weekly, but at least change your pillowcase. I highly recommend sleeping with a satin pillowcase. Here’s a link to my favorite one I have shared a couple of times.

STOP touching it!

Seriously, just stop touching your hair. The less you add oils from your fingers the better. Use a bobby pin or clip to pin it back if needed. Clips and barrettes are back in and stylish now. Here are a few of my favorites.

Wear it up when you sweat

Get your hair off your neck, if possible, when you sweat and workout. Wear it in a cute bun, top knot, or braids. I like to wear mine in braided pigtails to keep it off my neck. Although I look like I’m 12, I am able to wipe my neck off with a baby wipe after my workout and avoid getting my hair too sweaty.

Wash your face

Wash your face every night to prevent breakouts, and when needed, wash a specific section of your hair (bangs, behind your ears, and the nape of your neck). I wash my bangs, and only my bangs, every night when I wash my face. Just because you wash your bangs doesn’t mean you’re cheating.

How to Wash Your Hair Only Once a Week
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  • San July 31, 2019 at 10:01 am

    What’s the texture of your hair? I am super-intrigued but I have fine hair and it gets greasy so easily and it’s so much harder to hide with fine hair. I know a lot of people with thick hair who can pull off washing just once a week and I think your tips are all great, just wondering if it will work for fine hair at all. I also work out – and sweat a lot – multiple times a week and my hair is soaked after a workout. Would you still not wash it?

    • Jessica July 31, 2019 at 10:56 am

      Great questions! So each one of my hairs is pretty fine, but I have a lot of them, so it’s really thick. I still don’t wash it after a crazy sweaty workout (and I sweat a lot). I wash my bangs and sometimes I will wash behind my ears/nape of my neck but that’s what hair water is for. It refreshes it and makes it smell great.