January Favorites

February 1, 2019

Can you believe the first month of 2019 is already behind us? Overall, it’s been such a fantastic year so far. I have a lot of change ahead of me, but I am excited and ready for it.

This month, my favorite things center around what has improved my life. Since the beginning of the year is the best time to create healthy habits, here are some of my favorite things.

Favorite healthy habit

One of my goals this year is to take better care of myself by continuing to work out, eat healthier, and take vitamins. I must admit, I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins. Then, I found Persona, and I rarely forget. Each packet contains a curated morning and evening selection of vitamins. I grab my pack each morning and take it with my breakfast. Then, I take the evening pack with dinner. It’s so easy.

I have noticed an increase in my energy, decrease in my appetite, and general feeling overall healthy. It’s amazing what taking daily vitamins does for my hair, skin, and nails too.

After you take your assessment, you are given personalized recommendations based on your wants and needs. Then, Persona sends them straight to you.

Try it out for 30% off your first 2 orders here.

Favorite sleep aid

Moving has caused me a lot of anxiety and stress, so my sleep has definitely suffered. I decided to give White Cedar CBD/hemp oil a try. First of all, it tastes like cinnamon and I love the flavor. Secondly, it really helps relax me. It even helps with muscle aches and pain. I keep it by my bed and use it almost every night. Get some here.

Favorite workout

If you follow my stories, you have seen me post almost daily about 9Round. I shared them as one of my favorite fitness studios in Dallas, but it’s also my current favorite workout.

I am loving the calorie burn, tension release, and I walk away feeling like a badass.

Favorite podcast

Many of you have been on the podcast bandwagon for a long time now. As usual, I am pretty late to the techie party. I decided to start listening to one of my best high school friend’s podcast several weeks ago, and I am obsessed. Seriously. It’s called “Sinisterhood.” They take some of the creepiest crimes and cults and give all the details, but add in their own witty charm and humor. They are both brilliant. I made Adam watch the Stanford Prison Experiment movie with me after listening to that episode a couple of weeks ago.

Check them out here!

Favorite song I can’t turn off

My little 90s girl heart just about burst when I saw Backstreet’s back with a new album and tour. I can’t get this silly song out of my head, so now I am sharing with you. You’re welcome.


1- Adam got a new job! I am so stinkin’ proud of him. He deserves to feel successful, useful, happy, and he found a place that can use his talents.

2- It’s been so fun having a workout partner to keep me accountable for my workouts. I don’t know what I will do when Allison leaves, but I am so grateful for this last month.

3- Not 100%, but I may have found a place to live. Fingers crossed everything works out!

4- I got to see Andrew live again! It was, as always, one of the best shows I have ever seen.

5- Last night Adam and I took a date night and saw Cirque du Soleil Amaluna. It was absolutely breathtaking.

What are some of the things you loved in January? Leave me a comment below!