January Favorites

February 5, 2020

It’s 2020 y’all! The year of perfect vision and lifestyle changes. January was one of the longest months. I am not sure how that happens, but most people I talked to said it dragged for them. Today, I am sharing some favorite things that have made a huge impact already.

Favorite Getaway

Getaway Dallas cabin

I cannot rave about Getaway enough. If you missed my recap, you should check it out and snag you a promo code. One of my biggest takeaways from this trip was the benefits of unplugging. This is something I have carried on to my daily schedule.

Favorite new activity

This year, I am doing a 365 photo challenge. These little polaroids are so fun because it’s a great reminder of the things in my life I am grateful for all in one place. I still keep a list each day of things I am grateful for, but the photo makes it a fun reminder and quick recap of the weeks, months, and year.

Favorite new habit

Meal prep Monday is my new favorite thing. Sometimes I do it on Sunday, but mostly I spend Monday evenings prepping meals for the week. Not only has this made it easier to save money, but nothing goes to waste anymore. I am hitting my goals of eating healthier, saving money, and not letting food go to waste.

Favorite upgrade

Since I am determined to continue meal prepping for the rest of my life, I wanted better containers to keep everything in. There are so many studies on the harmful effects of plastics to our system, so I found a set of glass containers I love. These Glasslock oven and microwave safe 18 piece food storage containers have been a lifesaver!

What are some of your favorite things from January that will make an impact on your 2020? Leave me a comment below!