June Favorites

July 9, 2019

The first month is summer is over and I filled it to the brim with fun activities, food, and more. Here are some of my favorite things you absolutely should check out.

Favorite sweet treat

Yes Cacao sent me some samples of their botanical chocolate and I can’t get enough. I am not a coffee drinker, so these chocolates are a great natural energy boost. They are full of herbs and botanicals to help with endurance, brain power, and relaxation.

Favorite brunch spot

Not only is Merchant House beautiful, but they have a fun brunch menu full of shareable and single portion items. Come back for a full post on some of their menu items.

Favorite sleep aid

Last month, I got some of my best sleep thanks to Zzzquil. Living in the city means a lot of noise, but the extra melatonin has helped me to stay asleep. I shared some tips for creating a nighttime routine with links to their new products here.

Favorite activity

If you missed my post on Gardenuity, you should probably check it out. Adam and I planted a pepper garden last month, and I have loved taking care of it each day. If you’re local to Dallas, you can take classes and go home with your own garden. If you aren’t local, you can order from their website and have a garden box shipped anywhere.

Favorite Dallas thing

The plethora of interactive art museums in Dallas right now is so exciting. Currently, I’m loving the Museum of Memories. Head over there and fill your Instagram feed up.


1- Unfortunately, this month our family got some bad news. The gratitude part is that it’s given me extra time to spend with my sweet niece. This next month will be difficult, so please keep my family in your prayers.

2- Lululemon hooked up the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors with new running shorts that I am completely obsessed with. I love being a part of such an amazing fitness community in Dallas.

3- An incredible Father’s Day with my family.

4- Although our Fredericksburg trip was cancelled, Adam and I spent the weekend together in Denton and Fort Worth.

5- Oysters and peanut butter beer. Yes, these are superficial, but they helped me get through my emotionally most difficult day of 2019.