June Trader Joe’s Favorites

June 28, 2019

Every time I write one of these posts it feels like I just wrote the previous month’s posts. Why as an adult the years fly by when they took forever as a child? This month, I am sharing several new things and a couple of old favorites.


It’s peony season, and Trader Joe’s carries beautiful bouquets for only $7.99. They are extremely seasonal and disappear quickly, so I buy them every chance I get. Be sure to trim them and clean out the water every other day to extend the life of them.

Ghost chili BBQ sauce

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Sweet and spicy lovers unite, the new Ghost Chili BBQ sauce from Trader Joe’s is the next big thing. It’s perfect on burgers, chicken, and wraps. I don’t know how they did it, but the mix of sweet, spicy, and smoky are all things delicious.

Bloody Mary salsa

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Yes. It tastes just like a bloody Mary, so if you don’t like them, you may not like this. However, if the morning after you are craving a breakfast burrito, lather it up with this bloody Mary salsa.

ABC bars

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Almond butter and cocoa? Yes! These ABC bars are gluten free and vegan and make the perfect post-workout snack. This month, I have become obsessed with these, so they will become a regular in my snack drawer at work.

Speculoos cookie & cocoa swirl

This Cookie & Cocoa Swirl spread has been around for as long as I have been going to Trader Joe’s. However, I tried it for the first time this month, and it’s easily a new favorite. If I am not working out or eating at a new restaurant, I am probably binge watching something on my couch with a jar of this.

What have you been loving from Trader Joe’s? Leave me a comment below.