Lakewood Home Tour

February 13, 2019

In just two weeks from today, I am moving for the second time since starting this blog. As a way of saying goodbye to this sweet 1,500 square foot home I have loved more every day, I wanted to share some of my favorite spots.

Most of my furniture is from West Elm, and most of the decor is from Target or World Market. I tried to link some of the larger pieces, but you can always email me or comment if you see something not linked.


I designed my entryway with practicality and first impressions in mind. The skinny console from West Elm is the perfect piece for that. Between Target and World Market, I was able to grab just enough decor items to spruce it up.

Living room

Right now, my living room is covered in boxes, but it used to look so pretty. Recently, I started collecting little gold pieces to accent with. I like to keep everything decluttered and tidy, so I don’t need a lot of things to bring character to my home.

My media table, coffee table, rug, and accent pillows are all from West Elm. One of the things I am extremely excited about is my new place has a similar open floor plan to this house.

Dining room

The light that comes in through my dining room is unbeatable. One of the requirements I had searching for a place was that my dining room table would fit. I have had it for years and still love it.


I didn’t design this kitchen, but I sure do love the see through cabinets. Again, declutter and simplicity makes my Type A very happy.


The natural light that comes in through this house is amazing. Seriously. I was Facebook targeted for the Buffy comforter and love it. They have a free trail period, so I thought “why not?” I haven’t turned back since.

Master bath

I will miss this view the most. This bathtub and shower officially spoiled me. For months these shelves sat undecorated, but I finally picked up some knick knacks and love it. I added fake plants from Target, gold decor items, and bubble bath accessories.

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