My NordicTrack Experience

May 14, 2020

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen several of my stories talking about my NordicTrack S15i bike. After many of you have asked me about it, I believe it’s time for me to share my experience.

Before you consider purchasing a Nordictrack bike, please read this.


I’ll be honest, I was home alone, bored, and thinking about what I wanted to do with the spare bedroom in the new place I was moving in to. I knew it would be part dog’s room, part fitness studio, part office, part jungle room, and part guest space. However, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the fitness part of it. Then, I saw an ad for a Peleton bike. As much as I wanted one, I read this article that compared the Peleton to the Nordictrack. It seemed like a no brainer in my book, so I went online to order the Nordictrack.


Ordering was easy, and the customer service rep online helped me to take off the additional 2 years of ifit (so I could make sure I like it), and even threw in an equipment mat for me. I ordered just in time where delivery would fall in the first week of my move in. They get an A+ for this and only this.


Delivery was so fast! I had to postpone it because it arrived a week earlier than we planned. When the “white glove service” people arrived, they came right in, asked where I wanted it to go, and set up my bike, then they left. I asked if they had my equipment mat and they said “no. That usually arrives first and we just set it up on top of it.”

When they left, I went in to my room to find random tiny pieces of styrofoam everywhere and no weights. I called customer service and they quickly ordered me a new set of weights, but told me they only had one in stock so they would come at separate times. When I asked about the mat they said that was also on backorder and they would send it out when it was back in stock.

The delivery fee for the white glove service (which I don’t think they are offering at this current time) is $250. After several more calls to customer service for a variety of issues, they did issue me a refund for this amount since my bike was defective when installed and the mess that was left.

The good

Nordictrack just released live classes to ride along with the trainer and your friends, so that’s exciting… if your bike works.

It’s pretty. I wanted to splurge for the bike with the larger screen, but the 15i is absolutely perfect for the price difference. Also, it fits perfectly in my space, and honestly makes me look cooler than I am (you know, since it’s basically just a pointless machine right now).

The fan. One of the things that most drew me to the Nordictrack bike is that is has a built in fan. I get sweaty and nasty, so this is wonderful… if I can ever actually ride it.

I like that I can wear regular shoes and don’t have to spend the extra money purchasing cycle shoes. If you have cycle shoes, you can also wear those, so it can be ridden by anyone… if the bike is working.

Weights are included, so you don’t have to buy them extra. This perk, I have been taking advantage of with my at home workouts not on my bike.

The ugly

After waiting a few days for my equipment mat to arrive, and it didn’t, I decided to just go ahead and try it out. I didn’t have 3lb weights, but I would just find a ride I didn’t need them. Within 5 minutes of riding, my right pedal flew off, hit my leg, and almost hit my dog. I spent a long time trying to get it back in, but something didn’t quite seem right. It takes a lot for me to give up, so I got back on and tried again. Then, it did it again, and the seat broke. I weigh less than half of the weight limit on this thing, so I know it wasn’t my big butt.

I spent about an hour waiting for and talking to someone online, only to find out they couldn’t help me because I needed to call customer service to do virtual support. Again, I had to wait a long time to speak to someone. Finally, someone answered and he helped me diagnose the problem (the right crank arm was stripped and I needed new parts for my bike seat). “No problem! We can order them right away. Unfortunately, we are experiencing shipping and product delays, since everything comes from China. Your parts will arrive at different times, but you can always check the status of them online”

A few of the parts arrived quickly, and others took weeks. It showed my crank arm was on it’s way, so I was ecstatic. When it arrived, I opened the package to discover it was a LEFT crank arm (yes, they are different and you can’t use one for the other), so I called customer service again, and spent at least an hour. They confirmed that the right crank arm was still on backorder but they “saw” the part was ordered and not delivered yet. On my end, it showed that it was delivered, so I asked if we needed to reorder. “No. It’s still showing up.”

I ordered my bike and equipment mat on March 6, and the equipment mat showed up April 18. Unfortunately, it was the wrong one, and I still did not see where my right crank arm was showing up in my orders.

This time, when I called to speak to customer service, I asked to check on the status of the right crank arm. “Yes. We still see it’s been ordered.” “Well I am not seeing it on my end, and it’s been over a month.” “Yes ma’am, well it’s still on here. It’s just not in stock.” Then, I asked for a new mat to be ordered and I requested a partial refund for my frustration and time.

“I am sorry, but we have already issued you a refund, and we can’t do another one.” “Yes, but that was for the delivery, not the bike.” “I am asking for just a small amount back because this has been the most frustrating experience. I should not be dealing with this for an investment that is this much. May I please speak with your manager?”

“We have already issued you a partial refund and are unable to do anything else. You can still return it if you are unsatisfied.”


They would rather me RETURN THE BIKE than give me any additional refund amount.

The next week, I decided to check in on the status of the crank arm only to find out THEY DIDN’T SEE A NEW ONE WAS ORDERED. Every person that “confirmed” with me that it was ordered didn’t investigate to see that it was marked “delivered” and it was the right part. It took another customer service rep to see that. He immediately ordered me another one, but said the same thing… “it’s on backorder, so I don’t know how much longer it will be.” That was April 24th. Almost 3 weeks ago.

While I know COVID-19 has a lot to do with the backorder and long shipping times, I still feel like there were many things that could have been done up to this point.

  • Issue a partial refund since I am unable to use the bike and I have spent an obscene amount of time on hold and dealing with customer service. Not to mention, I will have to buy or rent the tool to fix it myself. I don’t feel like I am getting the value of my purchase at all.
  • Open a new box and get the part that is defective on my bike and send it
  • Send a new bike
  • Offer an extra year on iFit for when the bike is finally fixed
  • Stop selling bikes that you don’t have replacement parts for (and continuously posting ads making it seem like you aren’t completely backlogged with orders)

All-together I have spent over 10 hours online/on the phone with customer service, and there is still no end in sight.

Sidenote, I commented on a photo on their Instagram and was told to DM them to talk about it. I sent them a message, but didn’t get a response. They also deleted another comment I made.

The final verdict

Why wouldn’t I just return it? Because I would still be out money, so it’s basically giving this company free money. Which wouldn’t surprise me if that is their business model at this point. (joke. kind of.) Also, I am an eternal optimist, so I am still hopeful that once I get it fixed, I will really enjoy it. I really wanted to love this and shout it from the rooftops and share all about it. Instead, I have hurt myself, cried, been so frustrated, felt unheard, and haven’t felt like a valued customer. I haven’t got my money’s worth (or any money’s worth…well, except the weights…) and have been so let down by NordicTrack.

Several people have told me the Peleton is worth the extra money, and based on my friends’ experiences (especially those who ordered their bike after mine, asked my opinion, and decided to go with the Peleton during the pandemic), it seems completely worth it.

NordicTrack S15i Review
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  • Shayla Boone May 14, 2020 at 8:52 am

    Yikes! So glad you wrote this,been thinking about a Peloton.

    • Jessica May 14, 2020 at 11:27 am

      I am sure you will love it!