My Typical Weekly Workout Schedule

January 30, 2016
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One of my fitness goals for 2016 is to run a marathon. I typically run a few times a week, but I will start marathon training in the summer. The Dallas marathon is in December, so it would be great to be ready by then. Since this is something I have never done before, I get to share all of my experiences from start to finish with you. Right now, my fitness week is pretty standard with a mix of cardio+ running+ strength. A typical week for me looks like…

AM- TIU cardio
PM- brawl at Barre Code

AM- strength
PM- cardio+ stretch

AM- cardio
PM- barre code

AM- yoga
PM- cardio (barre-io)

AM- barre code
PM- cardio (run)

Cardio+ tone

4-6 mile run
Foam roll

Once the weather warms up, I will start running more and up my mileage. One of the benefits of being a school counselor is having summers off, so I will be able to push myself and train harder.

I find it much easier to stay motivated doing fitness classes. The energy in the room, instructors and environment really pumps me up. If you haven’t tried group fitness, find a local studio and try it out! I love Barre Code because it is right down the street from me and offers a wide variety of classes ranging from strength to cardio to yoga. Their mantra also really resonates with me and what I believe, so it’s a win win.

When I am at home, my favorite exercises to do are from Tone It Up . They have a huge variety of exercises that are all under 30 minutes. I also use their weekly schedule to keep track of what area I am targeting that day.

Although it doesn’t look like it, I do take rest days when I need them.  I don’t schedule them, but if I am feeling run down and need more rest, I listen to my body.  A good compromise is taking an active rest day, and maybe going for a walk at some point during the day (or shopping, because walking around stores for long periods of time does get your heart rate up!)

I used to hate working out, but started doing a few things a day. Then, I started increasing my time spent each day until I finally got in my current groove.  If you have never stuck with a workout plan before, start slow.  Begin with 20-30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week.  Gradually increase to 5 days a week.  It takes time, but you’ll be happy you got started. You are worth the time you set aside for yourself.  I promise.

What are your favorite workouts throughout the week?