Norwegian Getaway Excursions

January 16, 2019

Over Thanksgiving break, Adam and I took a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway out of Miami. As much fun as we had on the boat, we loved getting off at our stops and exploring the countries we were in. If you are taking a Norwegian cruise out of Miami, here are some of the stops to look forward to.

Harvest Caye, Belize

Our itinerary had to switch up Belize and Honduras. Typically, the ship stops in Honduras first. Since we spent money on all of the other excursions, we wanted to just enjoy the beach.

Harvest Caye is a Norwegian Cruise Line owned island, so it’s not crowded, but definitely the most touristy of the 4 stops. There are shops, restaurants, bars, a swimming pool and beach. We spent most of our time playing in the water and relaxing on the beach with a frozen drink in hand. There are free beach chairs in front of the Laughing Bird.

Although there are plenty of excursions to do that cost money, we enjoyed all the free things the island had to offer. We listened to the band, spent time with our toes in the sand, and enjoyed the free nature park with butterfly sanctuary.

Roatan Bay, Honduras

Adam and I both loved our snorkeling excursion the most. I booked our shipwreck snorkeling & beach break excursion through Roatan Excursions. This is my third cruise, and I have always booked outside of the cruise line and never had any issues.

I read it was a little nerve-wracking walking out of the port to meet the driver, but it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe it’s because I had a strong man next to me, but everything was really easy to get to.

If you enjoy snorkeling, you will love swimming around the shipwreck and beautiful reefs. The beach spot is relaxing, but the lunch doesn’t include alcoholic beverages, so I wouldn’t spend the extra money.

Costa Maya, Mexico

In Costa Maya, we explored the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins. Although I have been interested in the ruins, Adam is a history-geek, so I thought he may enjoy it. We booked our excursion the Shore Excursions Group and had no difficulties whatsoever.

Everyone with the company was extremely helpful, offered us water, and did an excellent job leading us around. We learned about the Mayan culture and got to experience some of the oldest structures in the world. I would highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Cozumel, Mexico

One of my bucket list items for a long time has been to visit a cenote. Fortunately, Adam is up for anything and agreed to go cave exploring with me instead of resting on a beach somewhere. I booked this excursion with Shore Excursions Group too.

This excursion took the longest to get to, but it was definitely worth it. We jumped on a 45 minute ferry to Playa del Carmen, which is beautiful by the way, and took a bus to the cave site. Prepare for a bumpy ride, but nothing out of control. We suited up in wetsuits, helmets and flashlights and made our way through the cave. Our guide, Paco, was one of the people who originally mapped the cave, so he knew every spot to take us to.

Once we squeezed through a few tight spaces, but mostly wide oven caves, we got to the swimming hole. There, we swam around for a while before heading back up.

Your excursion price includes a delicious lunch and a tequila shot…or two.

Miami, Florida

We stayed in the beautiful Shelborne South Beach our last night in Miami before heading back to Dallas. They upgraded us to a 2 bedroom townhouse suite, and we felt like royalty. Seriously, check out this massive 980 square foot space. I immediately wanted to get home and redecorate.

Besides relaxing in our suite, we had an Italian patio dinner at Dolce Italian.

Since our flight didn’t leave until late, we spent our morning on the beach, then biked all over the boardwalk. We both agreed we couldn’t wait to get back to Miami and explore more. Twenty hours was not enough time.

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