PilatesBarre + TreadBarre

April 24, 2018

A couple of weekends ago, I joined several other Dallas Fitness Ambassadors for a PilatesBarre and TreadBarre fusion class. K-Deer hosted the party and gifted us with a pair of their incredible leggings. We had a blast, got super sweaty, and got in a killer workout. After our workout, we were treated to snacks from Gather Kitchen. DFA knows how to host an event.

About K-Deer

Photo Credit:Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Kristine Deer, founder of K-Deer, created the perfect workout pant. It’s seamless, gets great air flow, and comes in a variety of great prints. Everything is made in the United States and printed locally to Kristine’s hometown. Each of the stripes prints are named after an inspiring woman and a portion of the proceeds go to support a cause close to their heart.


When I walked in the room, I was excited to see the BarreFormer. This was my first experience using one of these and I loved how easy it was to transition from one move to the next. They are so smooth!

Photo Credit:Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Classes are typically 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact strength training that targets each muscle group for a full body workout. Our class was only 25 minutes and focused on the upper body and core. We used resistance bands, and even after just 25 minutes, I felt the burn.

Photo Credit:Dallas Fitness Ambassadors


Just down the street from PilatesBarre is TreadBarre. TreadBarre combines a cardio routine using the treadmills paired with strength training using free weights, Pilates Chairs and Spring Boards.

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We started by warming up on the treadmills. Then, we were challenged to run and max out for a few round of 30 seconds, then 60 seconds. I am a competitive person, so I had fun racing and tapping my speed number up higher and higher.

Photo Credit:Dallas Fitness Ambassadors


Photo Credit:Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Next, we moved over to the floor and did some strength training with the other equipment. I was a sweaty mess by the end of the workout, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Photo Credit:Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

Post-sweat snack

Thank you to Gather Kitchen and The Juice Place for providing our post-workout snacks. Gather Kitchen is a great fast-casual, healthy eats restaurant located in downtown Dallas. They brought over some of their healthy sweet treats for us to enjoy.


Thanks to everyone for working together on this great event! Dallas people, you need to check out PilatesBarre, TreadBarre, and Gather Kitchen. Don’t forget to look at K-Deer’s line of killer leggings and support a great cause and company.

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