Recap of The Color Run Dallas

March 13, 2018

(Photo Credit- The Color Run) Running a color run has been on my fitness bucket list for a long time. I love to run and think the exploding powder paint photos are beautiful. When I saw The Color Run was stopping through Dallas last Saturday, I knew I had to go. I drug Colton and Allison along, even though neither one of them are runners or even like to run for that matter. We had such a great time, and they both thanked me for bringing them with me.

The details

The Color Run was founded in 2011 and to this day, is the largest running series in the world. Rightfully named “The Happiest 5K on the Planet,” runners start off clean and cross the finish line splattered in beautiful colors.

This year, the color run stopped in Dallas on Saturday March 10 and will continue to 21 other cities between April and July. Check out the event dates to find the closest one to your city.

There are a few goals of The Color Run. 1-Promote a healthy lifestyle. 2. Bring happiness to participants 3. Honor individuality 4. Give back by partnering with charities.  Read more about The Color Run here.

What to expect

Honestly, expect to have a blast. I have done a few different 5Ks and this one has a totally different vibe. It helps that it isn’t timed. You don’t get a chip and there are no prizes for the winners. That takes away any of the competitiveness you may worry about during a regular 5K. The Color Run is perfect for a first time 5k runner. A lot of people run, but more people walk and jog. There were a ton of kids, so it’s absolutely family-friendly.

They release the groups in waves, so thousands of people don’t trample each other. We were in one of the first groups to go, but there were still people starting off as we crossed the finish line.

As you run, you will come across color stations where you can walk, dance, or run through as volunteers throw powder paint on you. Keep your phone on for some fun videos and great photos. At the end of the run, there is even a foam pit leading to the finishing tunnel. At the end, everyone gets a finisher medal.

After the run, participate in the Finish Festival. Hit up the vendor booths for games and swag, then dance and participate in the vibrant color throws which create the perfect photo opps.

Photo Credit: The Color Run

What to bring/how to prepare

Bring your friends and family! This run is meant to be done with others.

Arrive early to pick up your packet and get set up, or upgrade to the delivery package. The earlier you line up, the closer to the first wave you will be in. Also, you have the opportunity to do the warmup workout.

Wear a white shirt or tank top so that you can see all of the colors. The shirt that comes with the registration packet is a great one. It’s soft and fits well, so you will be just fine with that one. Even though the paint washes out, I wouldn’t recommend wearing your favorite pants, shorts, or shoes on bottom.

You get your color packet at the end of the race, so hold on to it for the Finish Festival or use it for your own photos.

Find your closest Color Run city and sign up. You won’t regret it.

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Thank you to The Color Run for partnering with me for this event.