September Favorites

October 4, 2019

Although it doesn’t feel like I want October to feel like, it is officially October. September ended just as soon as it started. Here are some of the things I couldn’t get enough of this month.

Favorite festival

I cannot believe it, but we pulled it off. FAME fest was last weekend and it went beautifully! To say I am proud of Dallas Fitness Ambassadors is an understatement. My sweet friend Mai Lyn has dreamed of this for years, and D Magazine said the concept was “brilliant” after attending this weekend. Get ready for a bigger and better event next year.

Favorite pizza place

One of the things I eat a lot of is pizza. My newest pizza obsession is Fireside Pies. If you’re a fan of wood-fired pizza, this place is right up your alley. Not only do they make delicious pizzas, but they have wonderful salads and the most incredible meatballs.

Favorite burger

It’s no secret I am a fan of peanut butter, but my idea of the perfect burger now includes it. If you would have asked me about this a year ago, I would have said that was crazy, but it’s quite possibly one of my favorite combinations now. Public School has a PB&J burger that will rock your world.

Favorite new podcast

Photo credit: Work In Progress

One of my best friends has a hilarious podcast I shared one my favorites before. Up until I started listening to Sinisterhood, I thought they would all be really boring. Now, I love them and rarely even listen to music in my car anymore. My biggest girl crush, Sophia Bush, started a podcast a couple of weeks ago called “Work in Progress.” It’s a conversational podcast that focuses on inspirational people’s stories. I’ve been inspired the last couple of weeks and enjoy

Favorite book

Photo credit: Amazon

I must admit, I didn’t used to be a Chelsea Handler fan. However, listening to her on Sophia’s podcast changed that for me. Chelsea has changed and learned a lot about herself. In her newest book, Life Will be the Death of Me…and you too!” She shares her experiences through therapy and her realizations over the last year. I learned so much about myself too and feel challenged now. Seriously, one of the best books I have ever read. Well, listened to, because I downloaded on Audible.


  1. Reconnecting.
  2. Bears winning 3 games in a row!
  3. Officially buying my concert, game, and plane tickets for my next two trips.
  4. It’s been a year since my mom went into a coma and almost died. You would never know it now, because she is back to her goofy self.
  5. I hosted my dad’s birthday party this month and everyone had a great time. We played Heads Up, laughed our butts off, and ate delicious burgers. So grateful.