September Favorites + Gratitude

October 2, 2020

I don’t know about all of you, but 2020 is really turning around for me. Hopefully each month continues to get better and better as we all get adjusted to what the new normal looks like.

As always, I wrap it up with gratitude, because that has been the practice that has helped me through everything in the last few years and just elevate my overall mood.

In no particular order, here are my five favorite things from September.

Favorite home accessory

I shared this little baby on my Instagram this week, but I absolutely love my Pura. There’s a ton of wonderful seasonal as well as every day scents. Each device holds 2 scents that you can alternate between and create a schedule for. It will even start when your GPS registers it close to your house so you can come in to a fresh smell. Use code JESSICABRADSHAW4373 for 15% your total purchase.

Favorite beverage

When places started to open up for takeout, I was so sad to learn that Lakewood Brewing Co. may not be able to bring back the Peanut butter Temptress. I legitimately teared up. However, it’s back and can be picked up at a variety of places. I don’t really like beer, although I am learning and trying to develop a palette for it, but this stuff is the best. It goes perfectly with Sunday football.

Favorite pop up

September was full of popups, but my favorite have all been State Fair related. If you’re missing out on the Fletchers corny dogs, check out their calendar and head to one of their pop ups this month. We ordered 8 or so and a funnel cake, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Favorite date idea

Each month, the Dallas Historical Society hosts a happy hour and tour of a famous building or place in Dallas. This month, they partnered with Dallasites101 to do a tour of the Statler. I loved learning about the Statler’s history as well as some fun facts about Dallas. J and I definitely want to check out another one.

Favorite workout

In September, I set a goal to complete a 30-day yoga challenge. Unfortunately, I had several days of dizzy spells that threw me off, but the days I did it, I was super happy. Currently, I am girl crushing on Yoga with Adrienne. She’s super cute, fun, and makes yoga more enjoyable for someone like me who used to despise it. While I didn’t set a 30 day goal for this month, I am going to try to do yoga at least 15 days this month.


  1. Cooler weather (this will always be on my list, because I crave fall and winter temperatures)
  2. Staying healthy. Other than a couple of weeks of dizzy spells, I have stayed healthy and active.
  3. My relationship. Y’all, I try to stay relatively quiet about it and not overshare in order to respect his privacy, but it feels so good to be in a healthy relationship. I seriously forgot what it was like. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, it’s always fun, exciting, and “easy.” Yet, we can still have the difficult conversations and I can be completely myself. I am grateful for this incredible bright spot in 2020.
  4. Bears football. Not just because of the three wins, but because it’s fun to be a part of something exciting (and often, frustrating). This team made me love football and I will continue to be a lifelong fan.
  5. Saturdays. The last few Saturdays, J and I have made a big breakfast, watched TV and just relaxed. In addition, I work every Saturday (babysit) with two of the best families, and I genuinely look forward to it each week.