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2017 Academy Awards Ballot FREEBIE + Predictions

It blows my mind that it has been a year since I posted my 2016 Academy Awards ballot.  Here we are again in 2017 with a new list of movies and nominations.  Every year Colton and I host an Academy Awards party, and this year it will…

February 10, 2017

TV Christmas Movies

Is anyone a fan of the made for TV Christmas movies?  This time of year, Colton rolls his eyes at me at least 100 times for watching them. I know they are predictable and cheesy, but I am a sucker for these movies.  Over the…

December 16, 2016
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2016 Academy Awards Party

The awards are finished and the empty champagne bottles are in the recycle bin. I really do enjoy watching them and tear up every time someone accepts an award for the first time (FINALLY, LEO!!).  This year for our Academy Awards party, we made…

March 1, 2016
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2016 Academy Awards Ballot FREEBIE & Predictions

Happy first day of February!  Colton and I share a passion for traveling and movies.  This time of year is our favorite for film because it challenges us to watch movies we ordinarily might not have seen (and typically they end up being our…

February 1, 2016