The 365 Photo Challenge

January 1, 2020

Technically this year is a leap year, so it’s the 366 photo challenge for 2020. Here are a few questions about the 365 challenge to hopefully motivate you to try something similar this year.

What is the 365 challenge?

It’s a challenge to take a photo every day of something that is meaningful or inspiring to you.

What do I take pictures of?

Anything you want! Seriously. The idea is to take a photo of something every day that means something to you. Document your day with one simple photo.

Here are a few ideas to help jumpstart.

Take a photo of:

  • a friend or family member you spent time with that day
  • something you ate
  • your favorite time of day
  • a favorite place
  • something that made you smile
  • a guilty pleasure
  • yourself- whether you are looking your finest or just finished a challenging workout

What to do with the photos?

If you saw my Instagram post a few days ago, you saw I am making an album of small prints from the challenge. Skip to the next question if you are interested in doing the same.

Here are a few other ideas: Create an album on your phone. Add a story highlight on Instagram. At the end of the year, use a printing service to print an album with or without captions about your highlights.

If you have an end goal, you are more likely to stay motivated to complete the challenge.

What supplies do I need?

A camera and/or a phone. That’s it! It’s very simple.

If you choose to print photos, grab the Fujifilm Instax Mini link printer, some film, and an album. One of the things I love about the printer is you can create a collage of 2 or 3 photos, so you can save money on film for printing.

Click here or the photo above for all of my favorite picks.

What if I miss a day?

Then you miss a day. If you have an end goal and your phone with you each day, you are less likely to. However, life is life, and sometimes it’s better to just live it, even if you miss a day of your challenge. It’s YOUR challenge.

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