The Grill on the Alley

January 25, 2019

What? Two restaurant posts in a row? You betcha. One of the things I love about Dallas is the plethora of amazing restaurants to choose from. I could write every day about a new upscale restaurant and still not run out of places to visit and write about.

Adam and I have had the opportunity to check out The Grill on the Alley’s lunch menu a couple of times and love it.

About Grill on the Alley

The original location opened in Beverly Hills California over 30 years ago. Dallas is one of 7 locations throughout the United States (others are in California, Chicago, and Florida). It’s sophisticated, delicious, and has a menu of beautifully crafted steaks, lobster, and more.

What to drink

If you are like me, this drink menu will have you wanting to order one of each. Here are a few favorites based on spirit.

If vodka is your vice…

Village Heat


If you prefer rum…

The Havana

For the bourbon lover…

Grill Ol’Fashion

What to eat

A great way to start off the meal is with the the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.

The Jumbo Lump Crap Cakes are less bread-y, full of crab and served with a whole grain mustard sauce.

I’m obsessed with oysters and love the Seasonal Oysters with shallot mignonette.

The Lobster Salad has roasted walnuts, fresh dill, tomatoes, blue cheese, and akvavit dressing.

Several of the appetizers have the word jumbo on them. Although the Chicken Pot Pie doesn’t, it is definitely a jumbo pie.

No matter the cut, the Steaks are juicy, delicious, and worth every penny.

Don’t forget to check out the dessert menu. There are seasonal options and staples like the cheesecake and chocolate cake.

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What would you order? Leave me a comment below.

Thank you to Grill on the Alley for hosting us.