Throw a Gender Reveal Party

December 20, 2019

Last month, my sister-in-law’s sister and I threw a gender reveal party to announce the gender of our future (surprise!) nephew. We had so much fun getting everything together and pulling it off for our family. In another life I must have been a party planner, because it brings me almost as much joy as counseling children.

One cute thing we asked is for all guests to wear blue or pink depending on if they thought baby was a boy or girl. This was a fun way to see what “team” each person was on. You can easily order Team Boy and Team Girl stickers for the same effect. The hostesses wore black and gold.


Determine the audience. Often gender reveal parties are smaller and tend to be for family and close friends. Everything depends on the guest list, so nail that down before you start planning.

How will you reveal? Determine how you want to reveal the gender. There are many different ideas to pick from, so think about something that is either meaningful, or appropriate for the season. My brother and sister-in-law wanted to do the balloon release in case the weather was bad, so it would be easy to do indoors.

Decor.  Keep decor simple.  If you are crafty…DIY your reveal party decor. If you aren’t, look on Etsy and Amazon to support people who are. Create an inspiration board from photos to help you. Pinterest is the best resource for all things party.

Decorate early.  If possible, do the bulk of the decorating the day or two before the party.  This will insure that you aren’t running around the morning of with too much to do.

Get photos. Ask someone at the shower to take photos so that the mom-to-be can be present.  They will thank you, and it will be a great addition to the baby book.


Unlike most showers, gender reveal parties already have a built-in theme and color scheme. Amazon has a ton of party packs to really make decorating a breeze.

You can split the table into a pink side or a blue side, or you can mix everything together. We choose to have it all mixed and I really love the way it turned out. Throw in some pink and blue flowers, and you have the perfect tablescape.

Set up a blue and pink curtain with a banner and photo booth props. This is a great activity to keep people interested while you wait for everyone to arrive. Also, it’s a great way to document who all visited. Set up a Polaroid camera for even more fun.

Have a gender guessing station where guests have the opportunity to win prizes. Set up slips of paper, pens, and a couple of jars for them to go into. After the reveal, draw a name from the winning gender for a prize.


A dessert bar not only looks pretty, but tastes good too. It’s the perfect complement to an afternoon shower and the best way to celebrate.

I made cake balls using funfetti cake mix and this homemade cream cheese icing. The cake is from Susie Cakes.

Serve the desserts with a pink punch, blue punch and infused water. To make the pink punch, add ginger ale and a splash of pineapple juice to some raspberry sherbert. Use Hawaiian Punch, pineapple juice, ginger ale, and green sherbert to make the blue punch.

If your party is in the winter, set up a hot cocoa bar. We had fun mixing and matching flavors and toppings.


Every great party has a game or two. In addition to the gender guessing drawing, we had a couple of games up our sleeve. We started with this group game similar to Catch Phrase. I read off the clues and the first person to guess the TV or movie got a point. Once we finished the list, we handed out the Pink or Blue music game and set a timer. The person with the most points got the prize. Get both game printables here.

Just before the gender reveal, do an Old Wives Tales page to see how accurate they are (ours was!). Print mine for free here.

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