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Unplug and Getaway

January 10, 2020

Last weekend, Adam and I loaded up the dogs and traveled an hour and a half away to a cabin in the woods. We locked up our cell phones, left our computers at home, and brought food to cook for dinner. Although I’ve seen photos of Getaway before, I still wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Our experience is one I will always remember, and it definitely won’t be our last Getaway.

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Getaway Dallas cabin

About Getaway

Getaway cabins are tiny, modern climate-controlled cabins that have everything you need to allow yourself the time and space to rest, relax, and reset. You have the option to choose between a one or two-bed cabin (which can sleep up to 4 people). Currently, they have outposts near 9 major cities in the United States, including Dallas. Each location is located less than 2 hours from it’s neighboring big city. Once you book, you will receive the exact address in your confirmation, so booking is kind of an adventure in and of itself. (Spoiler alert, the Dallas location is in La Rue, Texas, an easy, hour and half drive away from Dallas.)

One thing I love about Getaway is that they partner with One Tree Planted. This means for every cabin booked, a tree is planted somewhere in the world. It’s an easy way to give back to nature.

What to expect

Getaway Dallas cabin

Expect peace and quiet. Literally. There’s something magical about a cabin in the woods. From the moment you drive up to the outpost down the road, through the trees, you will experience tranquility far different from anything you get in the city. Expect to be amazed at how little you need to enjoy yourself, and how much really is inside the cabin.

Once you’re there, create your own adventure.

Read a book. Play a game. Draw. Journal. Take a hike. Build a fire. Cook dinner. Connect with your loved ones. Spoil your dog. Make Smores. Be inspired. Disconnect from the outside and engage with nature and the people around you. If you run out of ideas, Getaway provides an activity guide, so you don’t even have to think about what to do next.

Getaway Dallas Cabin

The benefits of unplugging

Getaway Dallas cabin

If you take time to look around when you are in public, you will notice the majority of people glued to their phones. Even at home, it’s hard to put the devices down or turn off the TV. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of Instagram, Facebook, emails, texts, Reddit, and the information highway can provide you with a ton of benefits.

It allows you the time to recharge your battery. Not the technoloyy battery, but your human battery. Stepping away from technology gives you the ability to recharge without being inundated with the outside world. You have the freedom to think about your own wants and needs.

Working on a project? Studying for school? Wanting to learn something new? Unplugging gives you the space to focus, distraction-free.

Unpluggling also enhances creativity. Allow yourself to be inspired by nature in whatever hobby or activity you choose to do. This could be trying out a new recipe, drawing what you see and experience, or creating in a different environment.

Getaway Dallas Cabin

One of the most powerful benefits of unplugging is it allows you to create a deeper connection with the person or people you bring. You can tell stories by the fire or discuss dreams over a card game. Locking your phone away and not escaping into the world of Netflix encourages you to communicate on a deeper level.

Getaway Dallas cabin

Without all the sounds and blue light emitting from your phone, disconnection will allow you to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.

What to bring

Getaway makes it easy to pack light, so you can just enjoy the trip. Each cabin has everything you need, including foil for cooking at the fire, and plenty of cooking necessities to cook inside. They even provide dog bowls and poop bags for your dog. You can leave your body wash, shampoo, and conditioner behind too, since each cabin contains biodegradeable, organic Pharmacopia products in the shower.

Bring only your essentials.

  • comfy PJs
  • clothes for each day
  • athletic/hiking shoes
  • bug spray
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • snacks/food to cook (although they have a box of provisions you can choose from and be billed later)
Getaway Dallas cabin provisions

Some things that may be helpful, but not essential

  • Cast iron skillet
  • your favorite game
  • your favorite book
  • a journal or sketchpad
  • camera
  • firewood (although they have some available for purchase right at your campsite)

Final Thoughts

I cannot thank Getaway enough for giving us the opportunity to experience their beautiful space. I connected with Adam and created lasting memories with Chuck and Lucy. Honestly, my dogs have never been more at peace. We loved every minute of our trip. From the comfy reading spot by the window, to dog cuddles, cooking an epic steak dinner, smores by the fire, never-ending card games, hikes, morning quiet time and checking off as many activities from the guide, it was the perfect reset after the holiday break before going back to school. And the perfect reminder for how I want to spend more of my time this decade.

Getaway Dallas cabin

What are you waiting for? Book your affordable stay at Getaway and use code LOVEYOU25 for $25 off your experience.

Is this something you would try? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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Disclosure: I was offered a night stay in exchange for my thoughts on Getaway. Even though my visit was comped, all thoughts and opinions remain my own. I will never recommend a brand or experience I didn’t love myself. Thank you for supporting companies that support Love You More Too.