Urban Taco

September 13, 2019

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining a few talented and beautiful women in Dallas for brunch at Urban Taco. One of my favorite things about group brunches, especially when everyone is a blogger or influencer, is ordering a ton of stuff and sampling one another’s food and drinks. It’s the best way to do brunch. I promise.

What to drink

Mimosas are always a good idea for brunch.

We ordered so many different cocktails and margaritas between our whole group. Every time they described the next drink on the menu, I wanted it. Honestly, they all sounded so good. In addition to tequila, Urban Taco also offers a wide range of mezcal and rum cocktails.

One of my favorites is the Hibiscus Margarita, but again, you won’t go wrong with any choice.

What to eat

Urban Taco has the best Chips y Salsas. When you order them, they come with your choice of 3 dipping sauces. We tried so many, and I can’t even begin to narrow down to my favorites.

I’m obsessed with all things queso, and they have a vegetarian and meat lover option.

Order one of their ceviches to share.

Try one of their 3 empanada flavors all made with tender, juicy meats.

Urban Taco has, arguably, some of the best tacos in Dallas. My favorite feature is you can order 3 different flavors if you’d like, or you can stick with a classic.

My brunch friends know how much I love chilaquiles.

Definitely splurge for the French toast if you’re craving it. However, you have been warned. It’s huge, but perfect!