Vegetarian Trader Joe’s Favorites

March 22, 2019

Since I have decided to do my own #meatlessmarch challenge, I have been chowing down on all the veggies. Honestly, this month has been so interesting, and I have tried so many delicious things. Is it bad that last month (no alcohol, no sweets) was much more difficult?

Here are a few of my favorite vegetarian items that I have been loving this month. Check out some of my other Trader Joe’s Favorites posts for other vegetarian favorites including jackfruit in brine, high protein veggie burger patties, cauliflower cheese pizza, beefless ground beef and cauliflower bowl.

Brussels Sprouts Saute

When I told my family I was going meatless for a month, they all ask the same question. “What do you eat? Just a bunch of salads?” Honestly, I haven’t had any more salad than I usually have. I have eaten the heck out of some delicious vegetables. Trader Joe’s released two delicious saute kits, and I am a huge fan of the Brussels sprouts one. It’s creamy, garlicy, with a citrus kick.

Meatless Meatballs

Anytime I can heat up some meatballs, I am always game. They are the perfect appetizer, meal, and sandwich stuffer. These meatless meatballs taste just like the real thing. I made some meatball subs and honey bbq glazed meatballs for a snack and couldn’t get enough.


How have I gone this long without trying Trader Joe’s falafel? I love their pita pockets, tzatziki sauce, and just about everything else Mediterranean I tried. Grab these, heat them up, and eat them.

Egg White Salad with Chives

My dad always used to make egg salad for us. It took me a while to like it, but once I got older I always wanted it. Top this baby on some toasted bread or dip crackers in it. You really can’t go wrong.

Chocolate Lava Cakes

It wouldn’t be a favorites post if I didn’t include some kind of chocolate. Luckily for me, it’s vegetarian! These lava cakes are everything! I like them topped with caramel gelato, but they are great with everything.

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What’s your favorite vegetarian Trader Joe’s item? Leave me a comment below.