Ways to Reset When You Need a Break

March 15, 2019

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes life gets hard. Sometimes nothing goes your way. Maybe you are experiencing one of all of these right now and wish you could just hit the reset button on life. We have all had times in our life when a reset is absolutely vital to our sanity. Mine was this week.

Usually, I take a trip during Spring Break and enjoy time away. This year, I decided to take a reset and just enjoy my new home. During this week, I thought of all of the things that I do/can do when I am feeling down to cheer myself up.

Purge something

Marie Kondo is huge right now, but that’s not the only reason you should take time to purge. Purging can have huge benefits on your mental state. When I sit alone in a clean, organized house or room, I feel stability. Chaotic enviornments don’t help with resetting and relaxing.

Choose something to go through and purge, clothes in your closet or drawers, food in your fridge or pantry, your random shelves or closet. I promise you will notice more physical and mental space in your life.


Pick a wall, room, shelf, or area of your house to redecorate. Sell your old items on Facebook Marketplace or Nextdoor, and use that money to create a new space. Decoroating the little hidden spaces in my house with new posters/plants have brought me so much joy this week.


You don’t need me to tell you the benefits of working out. Endorphins are a powerful thing, y’all. Not only will the workout have you feeling physically better but you will notice your mental strength improve too. Working out impacts how you look and feel. I always feel 10 times better after a good sweat session. If working out just isn’t your thing, go for a long walk.

Side note: if you haven’t tried a boxing class, I would highly encourage you to try one. It’s my favorite way of getting out aggression when I have had a hard day.

Splurge: Have a spa day

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Pamper yourself and plan a day trip to a spa. Take a day off of work and go get your hair done, nails did, get a massage or facial. Often times when we get really busy and need a reset, we neglect to take care of ourselves. Give yourself permission to spend a little money and treat yourself.

Create an at-home-spa

At home spa sunday lifestyle blogger North Dallas Blog Blogger Love You More Too

Not everyone has the time or money to spend a day at the spa, so create one for yourself at home. I do this almost every Sunday to reset before the next week. Listen to relaxing music, light your favorite candle, and lay in your bath with a face mask. Check out some of my tips for an at-home spa here.

Say “no”

Dont overcommit yourself. It’s ok to take some time for yourself and just say no. When life gets you down, over scheduling does nothing more than distract you and create busyness that is not helpful. Give yourself time and space to evaluate your priorities and a little time to relax.


Do you have a spiritual practice you do regularly? Maybe you have fallen out of the habit and need to jump back in. Whatever your spiritual practice is, do it.

I pray on a daily basis but when things are really hard, I like to practice guided prayers. Sometimes I light great smelling candles, sit in my comfy chair, and just pray and journal.

Turn off technology

This one is HUGE. It’s one of the things I love most about camping- disconnecting from technology. Spend an hour, two, or even a whole day unplugged. Leave your phone at home. Go on a walk and enjoy nature. Really soak it in. I mentioned Sinisterhood in a favorites post last month, but this week, Heather shared a story about doing this at the Arboretum. She kept her phone in her pocket, didn’t take photos, and just walked around the Arboretum by herself taking everything in. Disconnecting is good for the soul, so do it in whatever capacity makes you feel comfortable.

Grab your favorite drink and a good book, and just enjoy silence for a little while.

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What do you do when you need a reset? Leave me a comment below.