Why I Love to Travel

January 27, 2016
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In December, Colton and I were finishing picking up Christmas presents for our friends and family and a book caught my eye. I didn’t have time to look at it in detail, but I made a mental note to come back at a less busy time to check it out. Christmas morning, I opened up a gift from my sister and it was the book,  The 52 Lists Project. Last week, week 3, was to list my happiest moments. When I finished the list, I noticed most of my happiest moments were on trips. I love exploring new places and seeing all of the breathtaking natural views God created. I find joy experiencing new foods, people, and adventures.  We connect with people on every trip and still stay in touch with many of them today. (Seriously, one of our best couple friends we met in the hot tub on a cruise a few years ago!)

Colton and I made traveling a priority in our marriage. Seeing the world is important to both of us, so we chunk money aside every year, and we have been blessed to have taken some amazing trips. I am also fortunate to be married to an incredible photographer who takes killer photos for us to have to remember each experience.  We get a key chain in each place we visit so we take back a memento with us.  It may sound weird, but traveling brings us closer together and strengthens our relationship.  Frequently, we reminisce on different adventures we have had and dream about what our next one will be.  It’s my favorite thing we have in common.


These are my favorite vacations/trips we have taken so far:

  1. Paris/Rome– This was our first trip to Europe and it was absolutely magical (we went over Christmas,s o all of the Christmas markets were open).  The Eiffel Tower is bigger than I pictured and took my breath away.  Rome was our first taste of Italy and I became an even bigger fan of Italian food afterwards.  Colton and I talk about this trip and the impression it left on us all of the time.  
  2. Ireland– A few years ago, Colton and I rented a car and drove all over the country of Ireland.  I have never been around nicer people in my life.  We stayed at bed and breakfasts in various cities and made friends that we still talk to today.  
  3. Florence/Tuscany–  In October of 2015, Colton, one of our best friends Allison and I took a trip to see more of the countryside of Florence.  Traveling with TWO photographers was humorous at times “pull over. I want to shoot that!” (even though it was the exact same field, just a different angle).  The food was marvelous, the wine was great, and the laughter and company made it the best.
  4. West Coast Road Trip–  Last year for our anniversary, Colton and I flew in to LA, drove up the coast to San Fransisco.  Then, we flew to Portland.  After a few days we drove to Seattle.  We both had such a great time, at at amazing restaurants, and experienced different night lifes in each city.  
  5. Mediterranean Cruises– We have met the best people on cruises (that we still keep in touch with and are friends with today!!).  I love the idea of visiting multiple places and being pampered all week.
  6. Mexico– Colton and I have had the luxury of shooting a beautiful wedding at an incredible resort in Mexico.  It was both of our first time at an all-inclusive resort, so we extended the trip to have time to enjoy it.  Sunrise yoga on the pier, spa treatments, laying out by the beach and pool and having someone bring food and drinks to me all day…sign me up!
  7. Colorado– We try to make it out to Colorado to go skiing every year.  I just love this tradition of ours
  8. Chicago– Chicago pizza alone changed my life. ha!  
  9. New Mexico– Beautiful state and most recent trip.  Where my sweet brother-in-law proposed to his fiancee. 
  10. Punta Cana– The water was gorgeous!  We met some great couples from all over the US while we were there and keep in touch through Facebook.

What do you love about traveling?  

  • Irina Beautyholic March 29, 2017 at 5:08 am

    Wow! You’ve seen quite a few places. I loved it when I went to new countries as well but I can’t seem to make it a priority. That might have to do with the fact that my husband does not like to travel.