NordicTrack Update

August 28, 2020

I cannot tell you how many questions I still get about this. I am sorry it’s taken this long for me to update, but I was hoping to have a final ending for you.

After my last post, someone reached out to me on Instagram and told me who they contacted when they finally got some help for their similar situation. After a few days of trying to figure out exactly what to say, I sent an email. Although she was a salesperson, she was able to forward my email to the right people. Within 2 days, I had a new bike sitting in a box on my porch.

The good

It’s a new bike! If I am comparing to the first one, it feels a little wobbly, but not too bad. Since it doesn’t have a stripped crank arm, I can ride it! Since May, I have put in about 5 rides a week.

I can’t compare to Peloton because I have never used it, but I do like the variety in the iFit app. They now have TED talks and meditations you can listen to while you cycle. My favorite trainer is Elyse Miller. Her 25 minute Tighten and Tone time crunch series is perfect for before school workouts.

The bad

My new bike has a couple of quirks. For one, I can’t seem to tighten it enough to not be a little wiggly, especially when doing jumps. Also, the resistance trigger on the handlebar doesn’t work. Since customer service is a nightmare still, I am waiting to tell them and try to get it fixed.

My saddle on this bike also moves around. I am underwhelmed with how “secure” the bike feels all around, but it seems to be holding up.

The ugly

This may not seem like a big deal, but I have had the broken bike sitting in my living room for several months now. Despite multiple failed attempts to reach out to NordicTrack and around 12 scheduled pickups the shipping company didn’t show up for, it’s still in my living room. Or at least it was until I got rid of it myself.

Why would I include this in the ugly? Well, as a single female who has moved the bike in and out of my house at least 20 times alone (a couple of times I asked for help because a friend came over…and one time my boyfriend just straight up lifted it and carried it.). I’ve banged up my wall and spent hours, yes hours, of my life on the phone trying to get it taken care of. No one would take responsibility, NordicTrack ignored several emails, and the companies (because it switched 3 times in this process) they use for this have all been garbage. I’ve had close to a dozen promised phone calls and nothing. So I took matters into my own hands so I could finally have a living room that didn’t have a broken bike sitting in it.

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